Titanium dioxide prices have continued to rise

In Asia, titanium dioxide prices have continued to rise so far this year, up more than 10 per cent since March.

Since the beginning of 2016, Asian titanium dioxide prices show a gradual upward trend. Mainly because of strict environmental protection regulations imposed by the Chinese government, some small and medium-sized chemical enterprises have been cut off and supply has become strained. In early 2017, Huntsman's 130000 tons / year titanium dioxide plant in Porpori, Finland, was put on fire and was forced to shut down. Once again, the supply is tight.
The unit is equivalent to 15% of Huntsman's total titanium dioxide production capacity, 10% of the European market demand is met. Under the circumstances, other producers increased supply to the European market to fill the shortage in the market, leading to the global titanium dioxide market from the supply and demand balance to supply tightening.
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